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We’ve built an excellent reputation purely based on helping people get vehicles.

A lot of it has to do with the effort the dealership you choose puts in to actually help you out! We don’t discriminate and treat everyone equally regardless of how good or bad your credit may be!

I’ve spent years hand picking the best team and partners in the business. People that will fight with the banks to not only get you approved but also get you the best rates per your situation!

We work harder then anyone else to get you behind the wheel of your new ride.

Working with us is a smart move on your part and it’s as simple as taking the first step by tapping one of the apply now buttons, picking the vehicle you want and giving some pre qualifying info.


We've got a deal for you!

We deliver 1000s and 1000s of vehicles each year all over the country. Whether you want to pick up at a convenient location near you or have it delivered to your home or office is a choice you can make with us.

Delivering volume has its advantages!

It lets us give you the best deals in the car business! Having access to every brand, make, and model, new and used, in Canada give you a selection no one else can offer!

We also have multiple resources for custom builds right out of the factory and also through many aftermarket companies that deliver high performance aftermarket parts at super competitive and most cases unbeatable prices.


Apply now!

We are proudly known for helping you, the consumer, get the best rates available for your situation! No matter what your credit situation is like, we can guide you appropriately in the right direction for your next vehicle purchase. We have every public and private lender on the market to make sure that happens.

Interest Rates

Auto Loan Rates in Canada can range anywhere from 0.00% up to 29.95%. It’s our job to get you the Lowest Rate on a vehicle you want, with a payment you can afford.

Applying with us is as simple as giving some basic info and pre-qualifying info at one of the "APPLY NOW" buttons!


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I am proud of the company I have built and have gladly attached my face to it for all to see. When it comes to service and problems that arise after you purchase your vehicle with us doesn’t mean that anything changes.

We are happy to help you address legitimate service issues for years to come. Feel free to send me a message at anytime so myself and my team can guide you through any warranty issues you may have!

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With our success comes the privilege of being able to give back to communities in Canada! Moving forward in 2020 and beyond we have launched a massive campaign to do just that! Check out our YouTube page and other social media platforms to learn how to win cash and prizes weekly!


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We also love hiring talented people and are always on the lookout for great leaders to join our teams all around the country.

Check out what professionals we are on the lookout for currently.



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Referrals and repeat business is a huge part of our model and we always welcome any opportunity to compensate those people who help us move forward. We've recently introduced an affiliate program giving others an opportunity to indirectly work with our team in their spare time!

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